14 September 2012

donruss put steve yeager where he belongs

and that would be crouching behind the plate and in full catcher's gear.  his 1983 donruss card shows him on the road with the throat protector that he helped bring to life
while his 1984 donruss card, complete with the partial umpire and the dugout level seats at dodger stadium, might be my favorite yeager card of all time
it's too bad donruss went back to the boring portraits in 1985 and 1986.  the only time topps showed yeager in the crouch (1973 and 1977), he wasn't wearing the gear.  and, the only time topps showed him wearing the gear (1981), he wasn't crouching.  go figure.

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Nick said...

I've collected Steve Yeager cards over the years, but I never noticed the throat protector on his '83 Donruss issue.

Makes me love it a whole lot more.