01 September 2012

trip the cards, fantastic

i've been participating in more group breaks lately (i sure do miss joe collector's monthly group break), and one of the recent breaks was hosted by fantastic catch.  he busted boxes of 2012 topps series 2, 2006 upper deck artifacts, and 2006 upper deck ovation.  i had the dodgers, of course, and i also took the padres since i wasn't sure if there were steve garvey relics in artifacts or not.  here's some of the bounty.

aside from some base dodgers, i got a couple of sandy koufax inserts - the 'cut above'
 and the 'career day' cards
sandy's 'career day' was, according to topps, september 9, 1965.  something about a perfect game.

matt kemp also had a 'career day' in september - september of 2011.
he was 4 for 5 with 3 doubles and a home run that day against the giants.  he had another 4 for 5 game against the giants this year, but he only hit 2 doubles and a home run in that game.

moving on to the 2006 product, here's the lone dodger i got out of the artifacts box.  it's jeff kent
i guess the only other dodger in the set is tim hamulack.  i also got kent from the ovation box.
i was hoping to get one of the dodger rookies from this box - billingsley, ethier, kuo, or hamulack - but i had no such luck.  i did get the other dodger veteran, though - jd drew - in both base and gold parallel versions.
i won't bother to show any of the san diego fare since it unfortunately did not include any garveys or piazzas.

thanks for hosting, fc!

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