08 September 2012

why i'm rooting for the orioles

the last two times the dodgers have made it to the world series, they have won the title.  in 1988, they beat the a's, and in 1981 they defeated the yankees.  both of those series were rematches, sort of.

the first time the dodgers lost a series after moving to la was in 1966 (they won titles in 1959, 1963, and 1965).  that year, they were swept by the orioles. 
no, not the 1979 orioles.  that was just the only o's card i had handy for scanning.

anyway, eight years later, in 1974, the dodgers faced the a's in the fall classic and lost 4 games to 1.  in 1977 and 1978, they were beaten by the yankees in six games.  that's four straight series losses against three franchises.  then, in 1981, the dodgers took revenge on the yankees and beat them in six games.  seven years later, they beat the a's in 5 games, as improbable as that might have seemed.

so, it only makes sense that their next world series victim will be the orioles, finally achieving revenge for that 1966 sweep.  here's hoping that buck showalter's boys can hang on to their playoff spot, and that don mattingly's players can get themselves back into position.  i want to see a rematch (because the dodgers are destined to win)! 

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