22 September 2012

coming at you...in 3-d!

it seems like everything is in 3-d these days - especially in tv and movies (finding nemo - opening soon!).  who knows what's next.  but, before this latest 3-d craze, topps issued a second set of cards in 1986, just as scary as their 1985 issue.  here's the wrapper
there were three dodgers in the set - pedro guerrero
orel hershiser
and fernando valenzuela
the worst of the bunch is the hershiser, with the portrait photo and vacant blue hat.  is it weird to actually prefer the 1985 fernando (linked above) to the 1986 version?  it goes without saying that topps did not release a similar issue in 1987.

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arpsmith said...

The Orel cards is scary!