30 September 2012

cutting (trade) bait

so, the twins cut bait on their japanese import, tsuyoshi nishioka, on the same day (9/28) that i received this card in the mail from daniel at it's like having my own card shop
it's a 2012 topps short print with an anonymous (matt tolbert?) twin lurking and giving nishi the rabbit ears.  it kind of reminds me of billy ashley's 1993 upper deck card, without eric karros' fabulous hair.  i saw it listed as trade bait on daniel's site and arranged to trade for it.  nishioka was pretty much awful in his time with the twins, but i really wanted him to do well.  even when he was called up this season, i was hoping against hope that he would perform well.  he didn't, and on friday he asked the twins to release him from his contract.  he left upwards of $3 million on the table, too.  sayonara, nishi.

daniel also included some dodger cards for my enjoyment, like this 1988 score bob welch card.
with the yellow borders, it's as if score knew he was really a member of the oakland a's.

here's a 1999 fleer sports illustrated card of a trio of dodger rookies - angel pena, jeff kubenka, and paul loduca
of the three, kubenka was the one who saw the least amount of big league action (12 games over the 1998 and 1999 seasons).  however, of the three, kubenka is the one with the better career batting average.  like roy gleason, kubenka has an average of 1.000, having singled in his only big league at bat.

speaking of rookies, here is an 'official pinnacle rookie card' of paul konerko.
 that would be a 1998 score card, by the way.  here's a translucent 1998 skybox ex-2001 konerko card
nowhere on the card does it say 'official rookie card'.  and it is better for it.

finally, a 2012 topps heritage card of former dodger nathan eovaldi
i forget about heritage.  when people ask me what i need, i usually say bowman since i don't buy bowman product.  i also don't buy heritage any more, although that might change in two years.  we'll see.

thanks for the trade daniel!

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Droidtrader said...

I think that's Drew Butera with Nishioka. Funny card.