11 September 2012

blankety-blank backs on two of my three 1975 mengler baseball's best cards's

here's what the backs of my 1975 mengler baseball's best ron cey and davey lopes 'cards' look like:
yup.  completely blank backs.  according to my baseball card resource (the 2010 standard catalog of baseball cards edited by don fluckinger (snicker)), the backs of this unlicensed set are supposed to be blank.

however, this is the back of my steve garvey card
not quite as blank.

the fronts look different, too.  here's the penguin
and a non-mustachioed lopes
compare those with the garv
i am guessing that the differences (front and back) have to do with garvey being in the second series, and the cey and lopes cards being in the third series.  these cards were created for autograph seekers, but production was shut down due to the lack of a license.  i am considering sending them in to the hall of fame sports november signing so that they might fulfill their original purpose, but then again, i might not.  in related news, bill buckner and don sutton are featured in the set, but not bill russell.  once again, the infield comes up short.  if interested, you can read more about the set here.

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MrMopar said...

I'll have to check my backs. I don't remember anything on them, but it's been a while. It adds some legitimacy to a questionable looking issue in my mind.