06 November 2011

cards from the sandlot

long overdue, here are some cards i received from joe at the sandlot in trade for some amazin's.

1997 fleer sports illustrated vladimir guerrero
remember the expos?  here's another vladdy from a previous life - 1999 topps chrome homerun heroes
and 2000 fleer showcase
apparently, vladdy has a license to skill.  i am worried about the sale of the dodgers.  if you recall, frank mccourt wanted to sign vladdy to a deal when he first bought the team, but he had no money so bud selig put the kebosh on the deal.  now, with some big name free agents out there, i wonder if the dodgers will again be denied thanks to the transient state of the ownership.  as we all know, vladdy wound up with the angels.  here's his 2006 upper deck card
joe also sent some double play cards, like this 1992 donruss triple play card
awesome action, indeed!

how about a 1998 upper deck collector's choice fp santangelo
santangelo eventually played for the dodgers.  here he reminds me of a victorious gladiator.  are you not entertained?
here's a double play card created for the purpose of illustrating part of the twin killing
is that david eckstein that is avoiding the runner?
fret not, there were also some dodgers in the package, including a bunch of cards from 2005 upper deck classics.  like ropes - bill russell
that's a nice photo with the low-rail fencing of dodger stadium in the background.

here's russell's double play partner, davey lopes
i am guessing lopes will go back to number 15 next season since furcal has moved along.
pedro guerrero
there should be more pedro guerrero cards.  thanks joe!

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