09 November 2011

even more double play cards

i'll make this quick - i'm finally finished going through my double play cards.  there will be only one more post and then sometime next month i'll get to the tournament to determine the greatest double play card of all time.  here are some decent recent dp cards.

2010 topps update starlin castro
and 2011 topps starlin castro
castro is well on his way to becoming a modern day kurt stillwell

i really like this 2011 topps elvis andrus card
for a few reasons - it's from the world series, he's just forced out a giant (cody ross), and i am guessing he got rid of the ball quickly unlike this year's fall classic.
here's another 2011 topps card that falls short, no pun intended.  it's the pirates' kind of shortstop pedro ciriaco
i say kind of because ciriaco was photoshopped into his pittsburgh uni for this card, so it's a minor league double play turn.
here's sean rodriguez on his 2011 topps card
with former devil ray delmon young sliding in.  young must have had quite a lead to be able to get to second so quickly.  he is not exactly fleet of foot.
finally, we have troy tulowitzki's 2011 topps opening day card
it's not bad, but it's not as good as his 2011 topps marquee card.

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