10 November 2011

more of yesterday's 1971 los angeles dodgers

here's the rest of the dell's todays 1971 los angeles dodgers album.  the second of two stamp sheets
we have jim brewer, mike strahler (on what might be his lone solo dodger issue other than the 1990 target set), billy grabarkewitz, and bill russell.  the grabarkewitz photo is the same one used on his 1970 topps card, complete with lurking danny ozark. 

in the second row, it's pete mikkelson, duke sims, tom haller, and rich allen. or dick allen, if you prefer.  this is a pretty cool row.  unlike strahler, mikkelson was completely ignored by topps during his tenure as a dodger despite pitching in 155 games over four years for them.  duke sims got a dodger card in the 1972 topps set, but was in transition when the 1971 set was issued.  he was acquired in a december, 1970 trade with the indians so it's nice that he was able to get down to chavez ravine and put on a dodger uni in time for this release.  unlike al downing on the first stamp sheet of this album.  it's always good to see tom haller actually wearing a dodger uniform and there simply aren't enough items with rich allen in dodger blue.

the last row is a bastion of early 70's dodger goodness with claude osteen, don sutton, bill buckner and steve garvey.

here's the back to the stamps
rich allen is listed as an outfielder who also plays first base - so the dodgers played him mostly at third.  it's not all good news, as mikkelson is noted as having a history of control problems.  and, there's not a lot to say about strahler, so let's bring up kidney surgery.  quite the tidbit there.
there's a bit of a problem with the stat sheet
bill russell was not "nim" in 1969.  he debuted in april of that year and had 48 hits and a .226 average.  other than that the numbers look alright.
next page is an ad for all of the albums
the logos are color-corrected, unlike the envelope we saw earlier today.

here's the inside of the back cover.
these are more along the lines of 'dodger all-time stars' rather than la dodger all-time stars, but that's kind of picky.  i wonder what this page looked like for the expos, padres, brewers and royals.
back cover time
pretty cool to see scheduled double headers.  those were the days.  the days with todays 1971 los angeles dodgers.

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