20 November 2011

warning - overdue trade post - good thing this sushi doesn't spoil

here are some cards i received in a trade with speigel, a fellow dodger enthusiast.  leading off is a nice 2001 topps double play turn, courtesy of adam kennedy
the star of the card, however, is obviously dodger lurker fp santangelo.  i don't think fp got a topps card of his own as a dodger, so it's especially appreciated.

1999 fleer si kevin brown
in transition.  brown had signed his ridiculously long contract along with the private jet concessions when this card came out.  how is it that i knew it would end badly for the dodgers, but the sheriff didn't?  or was it still dan evans back then?

2007 bowman chrome spike lundberg
spike the dog, spike jones, spike jonze, spike mendelsohn... those are legitimate 'spikes'.  not sure about this lundberg character.

2001 topps stars reggie abercrombie
abercrombie never made it to the bigs with the dodgers.  they traded him away in 2004, and he surfaced as a major leaguer eventuallly for the marlins and astros.

1997 ud collector's choice wilton guerrero
sadly, not his brother vladimir.  although, i also received this card
so i feel a little better.  upper deck didn't have to show the whole continental united states, though, they could have just shown la and orange county.  upon closer inspection, i see that they put a couple of dots in the southland.  i guess that makes sense, but aren't rivals, by definition, in close geographical proximity to each other?  it's not like vladdy and manny were rivals before they played for the angels and dodgers, right?  i am overanalyzing a decently cool card.  apologies.

last but not least, a 2010 bowman platinum clayton kershaw
lock him up, ned.

thanks speigel!

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Spiegel83 said...

No problem! It is great to trade with a fellow Dodger fan. I may have some cards to send your way. Let me know if you wanna get a trade going.