22 November 2011

2011 was a good year for dodger stadium, on cardboard anyway

we know that the fans stayed away from dodger stadium in droves as the 2011 season progressed, and i was no exception.  of course, i was only in socal for a short time this summer and probably couldn't have made it to a game if i wanted to.  still, i was able to enjoy chavez ravine vicariously through three different topps 2011 releases.  first, here's a card from topps attax.
this is a recent photo - meaning it's from the mccourt era - as the new dugout seats are visible.  there used to be a lot more foul territory. 
next is a card from 2011 topps heritage
i like this card for a couple of reasons.  it's an angle of dodger stadium that is not usually shown, and the text bars at the bottom of the card kind of replicate the different colored levels of dodger stadium seating.

lastly, there is the card from the topps dodger team set
now this is a view that we don't often see.  it's almost more about downtown than the stadium.  i would sometimes head up to the top of the park during a night game to check out the view behind the stadium, and this card reminds me of that, except that it's not a night card.

so thank you topps, for giving me three solid peeks at dodger stadium this year.  it's better than 2010, when all you gave me was the coliseum
which, while quirky, lacks the style of the dodgers' permanent home.

here's to you, dodger stadium - a new owner and sellout crowds - as long as the dodger dogs are grilled and the organ is used more than the canned music, of course.

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