06 November 2011

double play cards keep turning up

so i have a few more double play cards in my stable as i try to set up a 64-card bracket for the 'greatest double play card of all-time'.  some of these may make the cut.  maybe.

here's a 2010 topps chrome yunel escober
it might be better if i had shown the base card rather than the xfractor.  oh well.

2010 topps skip schumaker
i thought schumaker was the guy with the striped socks.  deduct.

also from 2010 topps, alberto callaspo
not a bad card.  most of a twinkie sliding in, and alberto callaspo is almost as fun to say as enrico pallazo.

2010 topps ian kinsler
kinsler is about to fall on top of a blue jay.  and i am thinking about golf.

2009 topps chase utley

2008 upper deck miguel tejada
taking a darin erstad shoulder to the groin.  who said punters can't hit people?

2000 upper deck mark loretta
fairly run of hte mill. it would be better if upper deck didn't blue out the bottom and rob us of some nice dirt-colored dirt.

1997 topps mariano duncan
chuck knoblauch is out at second

1996 pacific brent gates
only a few more of these posts before we get to the tourney. promise.