10 November 2011

yesterday's 1971 los angeles dodgers

i have had the steve garvey stamp from the dell's 'todays 1971 los angeles dodgers' album for many years, but i just recently picked up a copy of the complete booklet.  let's explore, shall we?

here's the cover
i believe the cover is the same for each team, with the exception of the title, of course.  that's clearly not dodger stadium.

here's the inside cover
that's pretty much the team history in a nutshell, i guess.

page 1 - let's get to the stamps
that's bill sudakis, manny mota, jeff torborg and willie crawford up top, with joe moeller, jose pena, al downing, and willie davis in the second row.  and the third row has wes parker, bill singer, maury wills and jim lefebvre.  nice to see al downing in the brewers gear.  i wonder if andy kosco is wearing dodger blue in the brewers' album.  the sheet says that these are the official team photos, but that's not necessarily true, although i suppose that could be downing's official brewers photo.  some of these photos were also used in the dodgers' 1971 ticketron issue.

here's the back of the stamps
some good info there,  although nothing too deep.

the next page gives us some stats
nice to see fielding percentage get some love.  wes parker at .996!  screw you keith hernandez!

and now for something completely different.  here are some historical events of the national league
i am guessing that there is an american league version of this in al team's albums.  hopefully there are references to teepees, the black barrier and to milwauke as the backwoods.

at the center of the album, there was an envelope you could use to order all the other albums.
with which you would get this album of all-time great stars.  i have never seen this album up for sale.  i wonder how many people sent took dell up on this offer.

here's the other side of the envelope
some sweet logos there, even if the color is off on some of them.  i had never seen that version of the white sox, brewers or phillies logos.  the senatorss' logo was pretty bad, but i'm not sure what else they could have done.

back to the rest of the album shortly.

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