02 January 2011

bobby bo strikes again

my recent post about 1998 pacific online reminded me that i had sent bobby bonilla's card to him in hopes that he would sign and return it.  i also included a 1998 fleer tradition vintage '63 card, as well as a 1999 upper deck card (for a trade i was working on since he had already signed one of those for me).  here's what i got back.

the 1998 fleer tradition vintage '63 card
and a 1993 topps card
say what?  close but no cigar.  don't fret, though - i sent the autographed night card to a collector of such items.  i'm sure that's what bobby bo intended all along.

thanks bobby!

1 comment:

night owl said...

The collector of such items appreciated the card. He will be featuring it at some point on his appropriately named blog.