09 January 2011

the uniform remains the same - 1962 edition

they may have changed teams, but they didn't change uniforms.  though not as obvious as the 1969 topps cards i featured previously, here are a couple of dodgers gone astray in the 1962 topps set.

first, gordon windhorn, who became a kansas city athletic in october of 1961 via a trade.
windhorn had joined the dodgers in tim e for the 1960 season after going 0 for 11 in his first big league foray with the yankees in 1959.  he spent all of 1960 in the minors before joining the dodgers in 1961.  he hit his first career home run on september 11 that year, and it was a pinch hit walk-off job against the phillies.  he hit his second, and last, big league home run the very next day.  after the season, the dodgers sent him to the a's where he lasted about a month into the 1962 season before being sent back to los angeles, although this time he was playing for the angels.

charley neal became an original met when the dodgers traded him for lee walls in december of 1961
neal played in 136 games for the mets in 1962 and another 72 games in 1963 before he was traded to the reds.  he finished the '63 season in cincinnati, but did not return to the big leagues after that. 

here's to you, dodgers in all but name.

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