16 July 2010

mr. met is laying golden eggs for bobby bonilla

there is a chance, a good chance, that bobby bonilla is my least favorite dodger of all time.  other candidates include don stanhouse, gary sheffield, jack clark (he was a dodger coach for some unknown reason), paul loduca, luis gonzalez...it's not a good list to be on.  anyway, that didn't stop me from sending a bunch of cards to bobby bo (who is a great ttm signer, even though his autograph is fairly ridiculous) for him to sign.

then i read an article in the wall street journal (why, yes, i read the wsj.  don't you?).  anyway, the mets are about to start paying bobby bonilla the first payment (of 25 annual payments) of $1.19 million as a result of deferring a $5.9 million buyout when they released him in 2000.  i think bruce sutter has a similar deal with the braves, although the deferred payments are much less and were figured as part of his original free agent deal, not a buyout.  at least none of the money going to bonilla is the dodgers' responsibility!

i almost forgot.  here are the cards bobby signed and returned.  let me know if you want any of the non-dodger ones.

1998 upper deck
1999 fleer ultra
1999 upper deck
1986 topps traded
1987 topps
1987 fleer
1991 topps (all star)
well played, bonilla.

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dogfacedgremlin said...

For what it's worth, I'd love a shot at any of those Pirate ones.