01 January 2011

now taking requests for cards that should have been

i know big d did this a long time ago, and dave at goose joak did it more recently, so i am ripping off yet another blogger's idea. 

having said that, you all know how much i enjoy 'cards that should have been', whether it's one i make or someone else's work.  and, while most of my creations are dodgers, i have made a few of other players, including some as a result of reader requests.  the first might have been a 1986 topps mike squires card made for johngy.  then, a while back i received an email asking about bobby murcer and his 1975 topps card.  the emailer wanted to know if i could create a yankees card for murcer to replace the giants abomination that topps produced.  i could and did, with
and without the autograph.
a short time later, dave at goose joak solicited ideas for a custom card and produced this 2001 upper deck decade of the '70s reggie smith card at night owl's request.
that inspired me to make a card for the only member of the infield that wasn't included in that set, davey lopes.
it's a photo from the 1978 world series which i have wanted to use for a while because it so prominently features the jim gilliam patch.

then, i whipped up some cards that should have been for ryan of the orioles autograph project as part of a trade which i will show off soon.

now then, are there any other requests out there?  i think i could probably do 4 or 5 requests in a reasonable amount of time, so let's see what the people want.  hopefully nothing too obscure...


Anonymous said...

You're a Dodger fan, so how 'bout this idea - a Koufax, Drysdale, & Sutton card ...1966 Dodgers have 3 future Hall of Famers on the same starting staff. That would be a classic.

Johngy said...

Geez, putting out that offer for me to read could be dangerous!Let's see...I think I could be on mind overload.
Seriously, great, great work on your creations and thanks for the Squires card.

Rod (Padrographs) said...

i would like to see an 88 Donruss Bip Roberts

Anonymous said...

Probably too obscure, but how about a 1989 (anything but Score) of Mario Soto wearing the Dodger blue...but a different photo than what Score used?

Johngy said...

Okay, I have given this some thought. tried to combine my unique interests (aka backup catchers) with your unique interests (Dodgers). How about a 1973 Chris Cannizzaro card? He didn't get any 1973 card despite being the main catcher for the Dodgers in 1972.

Ryan aka Orioles Magic said...

I just got my custom Jamie Walker cards and will be showing them off this week. Let's just say that they're AMAZING! Seriously are better than what Topps does.