19 January 2011

a money saving trade with dustin

a while back i completed a trade with reader dustin.  it was a good trade - he sent a bunch of cool dodgers.  in fact, he sent a card that i had been wanting for a while and was almost ready to 'bin' on ebay after watching a storefront listing for a couple of months.  it's this 2004 topps heritage duke snider insert
which commemorates his 4th home run of the 1955 world series (the second time he had hit 4 home runs in a single series).  it's even cooler because it has jackie robinson and gil hodges lurking with their hands extended in congratulations for the silver fox.  awesome card, and i didn't even know it was coming in advance.

speaking of jackie, here he is on one of his 1997 upper deck cards
nice and shiny!

staying with the brooklyn theme, here's a 1993 leaf studio eric karros heritage series insert
the back says that this is a 1911 uniform 'and bat from that era'.  1911 was the first year the team was called the dodgers, so that's cool.  i'm glad they ditched the pinstripes though.

2003 topps traded brennan king gold parallel
king made it to aa with the dodgers in 2002, and played in jacksonville through the 2004 season.  he then moved on to the royals and phillies systems, making it to aaa for the phils.  it looks like he peaked there, with 2008 being his final year in pro ball.

1993 leaf raul mondesi
i don't know what is going on here.  i had no idea mondesi was ever a switch hitter, but it's not a reversed negative so he clearly thought he could go lefty.  i suppose it's a good thing he gave it up, but who knows - maybe he raked?

1997 bowman joe lagarde
joe here has a unique look about him.  not quite sure what it is that strikes me as odd.  anyway, he pitched in the dodgers' system for 6 years, first as a starter and then as a reliever.  he made it to aaa in 1996 and 1998, which was his last year in pro ball.

1994 topps finest mike piazza
this card was tough to come across back in 1994.  i don't think i even tried.  it's nice to have now, though.

1987 tcma greatest teams ed roebuck and clem labine
roebuck and labine shared the 'closer' duties on the 1955 dodger team.  roebuck had 12 'saves' while labine had 11.  in the series, labine won game 4 and 'saved' game 5, while roebuck made one relief appearance and gave up no runs in two innings.  it's nice to see these guys on a card instead of the usual boys of summer.

thanks for the trade dustin! it is much appreciated!

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Anonymous said...

My guess is they didn't have a photo of him in a dodger uni. He wasn't called up until July 1993, when Leaf was already on the shelves. And the only home game he played in against the Reds that year was on Aug 6. It could be a spring training photo I suppose, if for some reason he tried to switch hit in spring training. Or it could be that they took a photo of him in a minor league uni and photoshopped it. Perhaps they reversed the neg in order to shop it better? Very strange, at any rate.