20 January 2011

filling in the blanks with another gcrl card that should have been - 1970 topps steve garvey

topps gave bill russell a card in their 1970 set, but didn't bother to recognize the garv, even though he had made his debut in 1969.  i suppose that's ok - he only had 3 at bats.  i have decided to fill in the gaps topps left behind and created this, the 1970 topps steve garvey card that should have been:
the photo was from a topps vault image that was sold on ebay a long while back.  luckily for me, they didn't watermark it.  i did a back, too.
fellow garvey enthusiast mrmopar over at 1978, the year it all began has also featured a 1970 topps garvey with a nice dodger stadium photo and, quite frankly, a better back.
russell was the only member of the infield to be featured in the 1970 set.  the other two, cey and lopes, didn't debut until 1971 and 1972, respectively so they won't show up until those years are featured.

there's not much more to say other than i really wish garvey had been included in the 1970 set.  the dodgers had two multi-player rookie cards (bob stinson/ray lamb and bill buckner/jack jenkins) that would have been ok for garvey to have been featured on even though a solo card would have been much cooler.  i didn't bother slapping him on one of the rookie cards since i did that for one of the 1969 cards that should have been.

here's to you 1970 topps steve garvey card that should have been!


Johngy said...

Both cards look great.

steelehere said...


MrMopar said...

Cool card. It even looks vintage with a slightly faded look. I have grabbed up those vault photos as well, even with the watermark. I just like to collect photos as well.

I didn't make my card. It was made by a friend, so the credit goes to him for the quality of the job. Thanks for the plug too.