29 January 2011

sterling tiffany and other treasures from thorzul

i missed the most recent thorzul group break, but i claimed the dodgers in the one before that - his interim group break.  to be honest, i don't know if all of these cards came from the break, or if thorzul is padding my return with random dodger goodness.  whichever the case, i hope he keeps it up.  here's a sampling of what i received:

2005 bowman sterling chuck tiffany:
tiffany was once a precious gem in the dodgers system.  they drafted the socal native out of high school and sent him off to rookie ball at the age of 18.  in his first full year in the minors, he pitched a perfect game and struck out 141 in 100 innings!  did i mention that he's a lefty?  drool.  the next season (2005), tiffany struck out 134 in 110 innings.  i had visions of awesomeness come 2009 or so.  then, along came ned, who sent tiffany and edwin jackson to tampa bay for danys baez and lance carter.  sigh.  tiffany wound up tearing his rotator cuff in 2006 after pitching in just 4 aa games for the d-rays.  he came back in 2008 and actually re-signed with the dodgers in 2009.  unfortunately, he was released and has been pitching in the independent league the last couple of years.

2010 topps cymto 1972 frank robinson traded
for the record, my mother didn't throw this out - it took me a long time to find the '72 high number, and by the time i did, i don't think she was cleaning my room anymore.  it's the only official topps card of frobby in a dodger uni - the 1973 card comes close, but he's listed as an angel.

1997 donruss limited raul mondesi counterparts insert
i won't bother to show you the slug on the other side of the card, but his name rhymes with mandruw jones.  i'm glad, though, that thorzul sent it to me rather than dayf or the captain.

2010 topps national chicle roy campanella
taking cuts on the sandy shore of the east river.  for the most part, i liked this set - or at least the paintings (like this one) that don't look too cartoony or put duke snider in modern uniform stylings.

and 2010 topps national chicle jackie robinson
this card is pretty awesome, even with the random green tetris blocks in the lower right.  thorzul thought it was cool, too - especially since it is a chicle ad back.

thanks for hosting thorzul!

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