22 January 2011

2010 goose joak versions of topps update filler

so, what do i mean by that title?  i had created a few 2010 goose joak cards to highlight the four dodgers who made it to the all-star game, such as hong-chih kuo here, on a goose joak original i made towards the end of the season.
and what happened shortly after?  topps did the same thing in their update set.  here's their kuo card from the update series
and here are the all-star cards i came up with, followed by topps' offerings.

hong-chih kuo
andre ethier
rafael furcal
jonathan broxton
i also did a couple of combo cards, just like topps, although none of theirs featured any dodgers.  if i were really like topps, i would have come up with a stupid caption for these cards, like 'joined at the hip' for this one
or, 'two of us won't be here next year.  keep pitching like that and none of us will be here next year'.
any better ideas?

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Dave said...

LOL!! These are awesome man. I dig it. Glad you left the Topps style captions off!