08 January 2011

the blue and the gold from a pwe

rhubarb runner surprised me this week with an envelope in my mailbox.  we completed a trade a couple of weeks ago, but he apparently found some more dodgers and sent them my way.  i'm glad he did.

2008 upper deck documentary nomar garciaparra
and greg maddux
i think david has opened more documentary than anyone else on the planet.  in game 152, nomar started and went 2 for 3 with a double, a run, and a run-batted-in.  he left the game in the 5th inning, but upper deck still managed to get this card right.  game 153 was started by clayton kershaw.  maddog did not appear.  documentary is still a huge disappointment.

speaking of disappointments, here's orlando hudson on a 2009 topps update gold parallel card
two years in a row i have had high hopes for the o-dog, and two years in a row he has disappointed.  hopefully he can stay healthy next year, although i won't really be following him now that he's not a dodger or a twin.
finally, here's a 2009 topps update gold parallel xavier paul card
i am really hoping paul comes through this spring (and beyond) so ned doesn't do something stupid and bring in johnny damon for 2 years/$14 million.

thanks david!

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Anonymous said...

Rhubarb_Runner continues to wonder about this "David" person he keeps reading about.

Those cards were SUPPOSED to be in your original mess I sent you. Well, the two Topps Gold anyway -- the Doc's were throw-ins. I like sending UD Doc's (the local store has a ton opened) because I'm pretty certain the receiver doesn't have them!