27 January 2011

who's that lurker?

in 1987, tony gwynn shared his o-pee-chee (and topps) card with a lurker from los angeles.
close inspection reveals that it is none other than alex trevino.  trevino was brought in prior to the 1986 season to back up mike scioscia as steve yeager was sent to seattle.  he wore number 29 and he started 50 games behind the plate for la, including 4 at jack murphy stadium. the june 15th game was played on sunday, so it may be the most likely to have been a day game. in that game, both gwynn and trevino had 1 hit, but while gwynn was 1 for 4, trevino was 1 for 1 with 3 walks (none intentional), two runs scored and he even threw out bip roberts trying to steal second.  not a bad day at the office for a lurker.

here's to you alex trevino, foreground lurker!

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