15 January 2011

happy birthday to the first mike marshall

sadly, i don't have a bevy of autographed cards to display in honor of dr. mike marshall's 68th birthday, but i do have this 1977-79 sportscaster card
the back of the card is all about the role of the relief pitcher, not about marshall himself.  in fact, by the time this card was issued, marshall was either a brave, ranger or twin, but thanks to his cy young award in 1974 (the first for a reliever), he was featured as a dodger.

happy birthday dr.!


MattR said...

For me this is the real Mike Marshall.

MrMopar said...

I suppose he has to take some blame for that lack of autograph display, as he essentially has shut out the autograph community. What little he has signed is grossly overpriced, not because of his career, but rather the supply and demand aspect.

He is otherwise very approachable and friendly it seems, so it's hard to be too upset about something you have no control over

As a fellow Dodger fan and autograph collector, it irritates me that he will either be an extremely expensive add to any team sets I might be closing in on, or the perennial (*) to an otherwise complete set! He has some great vintage cards that beg for autographs too.

Oh well. Happy birthday Dr. Mike.

gcrl said...

I saw somewhere that a $100 donation to his training camp would get an auto. Not sure if that's true or not. I would love to get his 74 traded card or the 75 record breaker signed but likely won't ever happen.