09 May 2009

some hand collated blue heaven 1989 upper deck cards

i received a couple of packages recently that are helping me complete the 1989 upper deck set. one was from blue heaven and the other came from hand collated. here's a sampling:

orel hershiser nlcs mvp
the bulldog just about single handedly killed the mets in the nlcs.

dick schofield.
a double play follow through. with the old california angels logo.

jim deshaies.

in dodger stadium with white shoes and the old astros logo.

kurt stillwell.
this is a rare card of stillwell in that he is not turning a double play.

eric davis reds checklist.
this portrait is done by vernon wells' dad, i believe.

harold baines.
run away from the light, harold.

so, my want list has taken a beating, but it's not dead yet. surely someone out there has some 1989 upper deck cards that could be turned into something else. let me know if you can help.

thanks guys!