08 May 2009

good lord.

i didn't hear about manny's suspension until last night. this is what happens to other teams, although both kevin brown and paul loduca wore dodger blue while (allegedly) using peds. the sad thing is that i was looking at the dodgers' record (the best in baseball) yesterday morning thinking that it's not sustainable. the dodgers just don't ever make it easy like that, whether it's pedro guerrero forgetting how to slide in spring training, or darryl strawberry checking into rehab during the freeway series, or some hollywood exec trading away mike piazza.

but for a while, i had hope. up 6-0 at home against the lowly nationals, i thought that they could learn that winning without manny is possible. then the bottom fell out of the bullpen. for them to lose like they did last night was the last thing they needed.

here's hoping joe torre can manage and that ned doesn't do anything stupid. july 3rd is just around the corner.