12 May 2009

ding ding ding went the corners

i was one of the very lucky ones to answer a question on a recent quiz posted by the ladies at dinged corners. ok, there were plenty of questions to be had, but i am very lucky to have received the cards that i did. they sent a bunch of dodgers along with a few cards of garvey, cey, russell and lopes. i will save those cards for a later post, but here are some other goodies.

we'll start off with the strongest man in so-cal, italian-american superstar slugger, mike piazza, getting after it on his 1993 leaf card.
sans facial hair. i still can't believe he was traded.

1992 topps stadium club tom goodwin.
i don't recall how many times goodwin played for the dodgers. twice, i guess. claimed off of waivers by the royals, and then the dodgers traded todd hollandsworth to the rockies to get him back 6 years later. i do remember that after the dodgers released him, he signed with the giants and proceeded to play extremely well against the dodgers even though they were paying the bulk of his salary.

1996 topps chad fonville.
fonville was a sparkplug for the dodgers in 1995 after coming over from montreal. unfortunately, he struggled in 1996 and then was traded to the white sox and ultimately bounced around from cleveland to the mets to the rockies to boston, where he finished his career in 1999.

2008 bowman draft picks and prospects chrome devaris strange-gordon.
here's hoping stephen king writes a book about the girl who loved devaris strange-gordon someday.

2007 topps grady little.this is one of those 2007 topps cards that looks pretty washed out to me. is it just the black borders? i didn't mind little as manager, but i wish he would have shown a little more fire, especially when the torre rumors started.

1987 donruss bobby welch.
his strikeout of reggie jackson in the 1978 world series is one of my most vivid dodger memories. i felt badly that he missed out on the 1988 championship, but he got one in 1989.

manny. 2009 topps heritage all star short print.
i appreciate how topps left manny as a red sock here. they didn't pull a 1975 bobby murcer and call him an american league all-star on a national league team. kudos.

and finally, it's a 2007 topps juan pierre.
bad photoshop job by topps. i don't think the dodgers have worn the blue jerseys in a game since the davey johnson era. juan figures to get the bulk of the playing time over the next 48 games, and i am sure he'll make the most of it.

thank you ladies! it really was a fantastic group of cards! not bad for answering a question about the giants!

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