03 May 2009

some grand retail big box twins cards

walmart. target. target. walmart. people i know are divided on the issue. you could do an sociological study of the customers in a nearby city where there is a walmart across the street from a target, yet there is very little cross-pollinization. i am in the target crowd - it's some minnesota loyalty, some convenience, minimal snobbery. still, the only reason i have ever gone into a walmart is for cards.

lucky for me, grand cards did the shopping and i got the twinkie dividends. here are some of the 2009 topps throwback and walmart black variations that i received:

everyone's second favorite canadian player (russell martin is first, of course), justin morneau.
i received both variations of denard spanand kevin slowey.visually, i prefer the walmart span and the target slowey.

finally, the walmart francisco liriano. i'm glad he's here and not pitching for the giants. what a stupid trade that was. i am pretty sure ned was involved.

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