31 May 2009

more waxaholic goodness

i am slowly catching up with trades. here's a bunch of goodies that came from waxaholic.

1989 donruss mookie wilson. a nice dodger stadium shot. there's not much else that is redeeming about 1989 donruss.

1990 donruss bryn smith diamond king.
1990 donruss is worse. i must say that i requested these first two cards specifically. the mookie for the dodger stadium background and this one because smith is from my hometown. i like the cave painting on this card. on the right you have the ocean waves (although the water is orange), a red tee-pee, a purple river, and an orange sun.

1991 score greg gagne.this one i pulled from some junk wax he sent along. future dodger is getting dave henderson's elbow in his nuts as he turns two. it's a thankless job.

and then there were three 1991 upper deck dodgers i asked for - bob ojeda first.
ojeda went 12-9 for the dodgers in 1991. ojeda had nothing to do with it, but the giants eliminated the dodgers on the second to last day of the season that year. boo.

orel hershiser.
orel looks like he is 12 and thinks his glove is cuddly. hershiser was 7-2 in 1991 after missing most of 1990 with a shoulder injury. it was his last winning season as a dodger.

eric karros.
the 1992 nl roy went 1 for 14 in 1991. his only hit was a 12th inning rbi double off the immortal milt hill.

thanks captain canuck!