28 May 2009

no cardboard problems here

quite a while back, i took advantage of an offer marie made at a cardboard problem and received some dodger cards.

among the cards were these guys:

1981 topps rudy law.law took over center from rick monday and kept it warm for kenny landreaux. i imagine rudy was a little bit bummed seeing landreaux catch the final out of the 1981 world series.

2009 upper deck first edition nomar garciaparra.nomah! i am pretty sure (maybe) that the national sliding into second is paul 'heart & soul' loduca. maybe not.

2008 topps heritage high number angel berroa.this is a pretty blurry photo they used. i am guessing the hat is shopped.

2008 topps russell martin.this really doesn't look like martin to me. it looks more like pete incaviglia. thank goodness topps used a better photo on the chrome and stadium club cards.

2009 upper deck first edition manny ramirez.is this atlanta or saint louis? i wonder if there are any braves/cardinals fans that collect these cards the way i do with dodger stadium shots.

2009 upper deck spectrum matt kemp.no legs, but he keeps his bat with him for balance. these cards are ugly. shiny, but ugly.

2009 topps heritage dodgers team.i'm guessing that's joe torre front and center - that's where lasorda used to be, anyway. if so, why does he have number 62 on? very strange.

1992 leaf darryl strawberry.not too much to say about darryl, so let's move on.

1980 topps manny mota record breaker.i used up a lot of my manny mota material in the ttm post, but i will add that i was very disappointed that the dodgers did not reactivate him when pedro borbon jr was on the team. we could have really heard the dodger stadium announcer say: 'pinch hitting for pedro borbon, manny mota'. good times.

thanks again for the cards! i am sorry it has taken so long for me to post them, marie!

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Captain Canuck said...

I think that National sliding into 2nd is Johnny Estrada. Another career backup catcher, but whatever.

And I think the outfield wall behind Manny is St Lou. Well, It ain't Atlanta anyways... Atlanta is a blue wall with the retired players in different shades of blue.