26 May 2009

7 retail packs of 2009 topps series 2 - a case study

pack 1:

kevin frandsen. not sure what he is diving towards. very strange.
bobby crosby.
pablo sandoval. two giants already. blecch.
desert power- upton & young.
chris snyder. back to back d-backs.
vladdy! legends of the game. this seems glossier than series one. mark teixeira turkey red.
carlos beltran topps town.
adam everett.
paul bako.
free andy laroche. with russ martin, too! seems like old times.
rick ankiel.

pack 2:

adam laroche.
mike fontenot.
trevor hoffmann.
k-rod turkey red.
derek jeter topps town.
orlando cabrera.
ryan perry.
dana eveland.
john lannan.
ryan theriot.
luke montz.

pack 3:

gavin floyd.
prince fielder.
cecil cooper.
chris carter.
felix pie.
kosuke fukudome topps town.
chief lefties - sowers and laffey. no mention of cliff lee.
alex cora.
alexi casilla.
joakim soria.
esteban german. a scoreboard background and washed out coloring.
eric chavez. three layers of depth on this card. feels kind of like a 1973 shot.
pack 4:

joe mauer. on his way to a third batting title. mike aviles. with the f'ed up rookie cup, but it's a double play turn.
bill hall.
ramon hernandez. one of those head shots with mask on. it's been done by topps before - 1995 for sure.
francisco rodriguez.
jim palmer sp. not a bad pull for a retail grab.
jon lester turkey red.
derek jeter topps town. the first double.
franklin gutierrez.
rick ankiel. another double.
tony pena.
kevin kouzmanoff.

pack 5:

this is a pack with very few eyes.
nelson cruz. helmet bill covering his eyes.
scott hairston. sunglasses covering his eyes.
delmon young. helmet bill covering his eyes.
michael young. one eye visible!
alexei ramirez. turning two, sunglasses covering his eyes, jd drew injured on the play.
willy taveras. clear glasses, but bill of cap covering at least one eye.
tim redding gold parallel #0126/2009. both eyes visible!
dustin pedroia topps town. helmet bill covering his eyes.
trevor crowe. helmet bill covering his eyes.
mike cameron. helmet bill covering his eyes.
brian schneider. helmet bill covering his eyes.
christian guzman. head turned away from photographer.

the eyes don't have it.

pack 6:

adam kennedy.
brandon backe.
lou pinella.
andrew bailey.
kerry wood.
career best legends rogers hornsby. cool.
ryan braun topps town.
josh willingham.
rocco baldelli.
paul maholm.
rickie weeks.
hank blalock.

pack 7:

dave trembley.
victor martinez.
jim leyland. hitting fungoes. one of the more interesting manager cards.
gregor blanco.
edgar renteria.
john smoltz. as a red sock.
pee wee! legends of the game insert.roy oswalt topps town.
nick evans.
scott kazmir.
andre ethier. finally a dodger, on the second to last card. barry zito. bookended by giants.

not too bad. only a couple dupes. i still need a few series one cards, so feel free to help out! i'll make it worth your while!


Dave said...

Series 2 got very artsy all of a sudden...wow. Perhaps they've been looking at your Goose Joak Originals!

Anonymous said...

That's an awesome Andy LaRoche card. And what a nice touch to add Russell in there too.