14 May 2009

2009 topps trade bonanza

i would like to thank all of the great bloggers who helped me overcome poor collation and complete my 2009 topps series one set. there are only a few cards i still need to complete series 1 and hopefully i'll get some more help soon.

at any rate, here's a 12-card salute to you, billy at west virginia cards, rod at padrographs, ben at 1988 score, duane at democratic roadkill, scott at hand collated, matt at heartbreaking cards of staggering genius, peter at dropped third strike, steve at the easy life, dan at saints of the cheap seats, and my brother in dodger card collecting, greg the night owl.

junior waves to you all.i'm glad he went back to seattle. seeing him in a white sox jersey was like seeing piazza in a padres jersey. or an a's jersey. he should have done a final season with the dodgers.

here's matt stairs in dodger stadium putting the hurt on the dodgers in the nlcs.that's russell martin not catching the ball. two canucks on one card. this card is payback for the 1978 nlcs card with davey lopes and tim mccarver.

by the way, check out the game summary on the back.garza and lester with the decisions. lazy, topps. lazy.

a double play turn - asdrubal cabrera.
wouldn't it be (not) cool if topps airbrushed teixiera into a yankees jersey on this card?

oh my omar!if he's not turning two on his cards, he at least has the chevron cars behind him.

george kottaras.
never heard of him.

brendan harris.channeling his inner delino deshields. not only with the knee high socks, but he was part of the trade that sent matt garza to the rays. garza is no pedro, but certainly he's better than ra dickey or whomever the twins are sending out as the 5th starter.

kaz matsui.no anal fissures this year, mind you.

clint barmes.just imagine how things might be if he didn't like venison.

david wright.he seems to be a decent player.

vlad the impaler. someone out there compared vlad on this card to nosferatu. good call.

andy marte.
his most similar comparison by age, according to baseball reference, is jeff hamilton. not exactly mike schmidt.

finally, juan pierre.
juan is already making the most of his time as a regular again. will he just raise his trade value for this july, or will he be relegated back to the bench once manny is back?

thanks again guys. if you haven't received anything from me in a while, i'm working on it!

bring on series two!

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night owl said...

I never noticed that Garza/Lester goof. That's pretty bad.