15 May 2009

more traded sets contest winnings

if you hurry, you can still get your guess in for this week's contest at traded sets. andy has quite a jackpot if you are that fortunate, but even a win will get you some great cards. case in point, simply because i correctly predicted a mike lowell home run (and nobody else correctly predicted more than one player/event), andy sent me the following cards:

2008 topps update & highlights angel berroa game used bat.how appropriate that it came from a 'traded' set. berroa filled in decently for furcal last season, and was doing the same for the yankees this year as they waited for alex rodriguez to get healthy.

2008 topps update & highlights eric stults.a shutout in his last start. the lesser-hyped dodgers' lefty starters (stults and wolf) are pitching better than the phenom (kershaw).

2008 topps update & highlights classic combos dan haren and russell martin.i think a better pairing would have been aaron rowand and russell martin. as in rowan(d) and martin. rowan and martin. get it? a laugh-in reference. man, do i feel old.

2009 topps heritage vladimir guerrero.his hair looks really flat. in the inset photo, you can really tell that one of his legs is shorter than the other.

2009 upper deck starquest vladimir guerrero.i'm too lazy to research the all star game patch on his sleeve to see if this photo is from 2008 or not.

thanks andy! i'm rooting for teixiera to bring me home the jackpot this week!

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Andy said...

yeah. heh. you won AGAIN this week. geez louise.