19 May 2009

cleaning out the rest of my goose joak files

here are the rest of my active player 2009 goose joak originals so far. i hope to eventually have a card for each member of the 40 man roster, and i am getting close.

first, a classic combo type of manny and vlad.no doubt exchanging hair styling tips.

xavier paul. a recent call up - splitting time with juan pierre in left while manny is out.

another recent call up, brent leach.with russell martin congratulating him after his major league debut.

delwyn (not delmon) young.
i understand he was traded to the pirates a while back. oh well, i made this card a long time ago, and it's not going to be wasted.

jason repko.the oft-injured repko. the braves showed some interest in acquiring repko recently, according to ken rosenthal. i wonder why.

a couple more 40 man roster guys - lucas may.
stuck behind russell martin.

and jamie hoffmann.
a local kid from new ulm, mn. he has a few bowman cards already, and was recently promoted to aaa.


ernest said...

Ya know. That Xavier Paul looks an awful lot like Matt Kemp. I did a google pic search so I realize they show this pic as Paul, but I can't shake the feeling it is mislabeled.

gcrl said...

ernest, i agree. maybe i'll do another one that is more clearly the x-man. consider this a 1991 topps juan gonzalez if it is in fact the bison.

Dave said...

I really like the perspectives on the Hoffman and May cards. g