06 February 2009

that there's a stadium

at first glance, you might think that gil hodges was posing in front of some ancient ruins - perhaps standing in the middle of italy or greece.

nope. it's just the los angeles memorial coliseum. the dodgers played in the coliseum after moving from brooklyn until dodger stadium opened in 1962.

the coliseum opened in 1923, and has hosted the 1959 world series, the olympics (twice), nfl championship and pro bowl games, an mlb all star game, nfl and usfl teams, ncaa football, professional soccer, and even a democratic national convention. it was also the site of the best u2 concert i have ever seen (disclaimer - i've only seen them 5 times).

incidentally, i don't know who was responsible for the ridiculously tailored sleeves on gil's jersey. yikes.

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deal said...

nice find. Didn't the Dodgers play a spring training game or regular season game there last year too.