27 February 2009

cards hand picked and collated

another in a series of trades that i have been delinquent in posting about. sorry about that. anyway, i sent scott at hand collated a bunch of 84 fleer and he in turn helped me out with my 2008 allen & ginter set, as well as my pursuit of the 2008 timeline timeless teams subset.

here we go...

brian bannister. it looks like he has me caught in a rundown.

chris young. unless you're the a's, i am not a fan of shortened team names. d-backs. yanks. even mets. you're the metropolitans. deal with it.

miguel cabrera. looks like miggy is going to the andruw jones school of conditioning.

erik bedard. one of my 2007 fantasy team darlings, i am glad i passed on him in 2008.

mark teixiera. i don't understand these guys that run while holding their gloves. why not just wear them?

some great cards for my various 2008 pursuits. thanks scott.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I believe gloves are held so you don't stretch your fingers out when sliding and then jam them into the base causing a fracture.

I've read that before, anyway. Not sure if Tex slides head first or not, either.