03 February 2009

2009 topps - a six pack review

trust me, i really did have to go to target last night...

these may be the only 6 packs of topps retail i will buy this year. not because i don't like the cards (i do - no wide borders restricting the size of the photos makes me happy), but rather because i would rather cherry pick the cards i want from various sources and build a set through trades than buy more packs every time i am at target.

and away we go.

first of all, i even love the wrapper design. even if it is a-rod on there.

pack 1:

craig counsell (former dodger)
mike gonzalez
carlos zambrano (batting, not pitching or no-hitting)
grady sizemore (1st horizontal card - nice!)
mickey mantle legends of the game (nice card - very legendary cuts-ish)
ryan howard topps town
juan miranda
bobby parnell
alex hinshaw
garrett atkins
matt kemp (1st dodger of 09!)
tug hulett

pack 2:

juan uribe
johan santana
kyle kendrick
alex rodriguez
ryan madson
ben sheets turkey red
hanley ramirez topps town
michael bowden
hideki okajima
joe torre (2 for 2 with dodgers!)
brandon moss
dexter fowler

pack 3:

ivan rodriguez
eric gagne (former dodger number 2)
josh banks
david ortiz
nolan ryan legends of the game
evan longoria topps town
alcides escobar
david eckstein (turning two!)
glen perkins
joe saunders
juan castro (former dodger and current dodger spring training invitee)
ryan church

pack 4:

matt joyce
luis ayala
kosuke fukudome
guillermo quiroz
elijah dukes
bob gibson legends of the game
jake peavy topps town
jason motte
josh hamilton
john russell
matt antonelli
ricky nolasco

pack 5:

kyle lohse
reed johnson
david newhan
rich harden
postseason highlights lester/bay
al k leaders burnett/santana/halladay
alfonso soriano topps town
jonathon niese
jack hannahan
jj hardy
francisco liriano
brandon boggs

pack 6:

kyle kendrick
chris young (pads)
david eckstein (first double of 09)
chris dickerson
aubrey huff turkey red
lance berkman topps town
topps attax promo chamberlain/howard
jason motte (another double)
mickey mantle (base)
chase utley
ty wigginton
dallas mcpherson

all in all, i really like these cards. i also like the legends of the game inserts, and the fact that i didn't get any gold cards in my 6 packs.

now, if only i could find some upper deck...