12 February 2009

is that a real american idol?

sure, it's randy jackson.but if you squint and tilt the card (ok, your monitor or handheld), the dodger lurking in the background looks like it could be duke snider.
duke, of course, was revered by the fans in brooklyn during his time there. he hit more home runs in the 1950's than anyone else, and was one of only 2 players to drive in over 1000 runs in that decade. the other was this guy. duke's career spanned the dodgers' brooklyn to los angeles move, and he eventually played for 3 of the 4 new york teams. only the yankees were denied his presence, although i am not sure if that would have been worse than seeing the duke of flatbush in a giants uniform.

today, duke is the only surviving member of the 1955 world champion team that was on the field for the final out. it was fitting that he led the opening day ceremonies last year at dodger stadium by walking to centerfield in uniform, followed eventually by a host of former players.

let's hope he is around for many more opening days.


night owl said...

I have that Jackson card. I'll have to take a look and see if it looks like Snider to me.

--David said...

ROTFL - nice one!

It's funny, but as I have been sorting cards for the giveaway, I have thought about doing an entry about players with names we know, but who weren't ball players... :-)

I'll leave that to you!