19 February 2009

christmas in february

not really. i am just far behind in posting about the 12 days giveaway i received from david.

so, without further ado or fanfare, here is a sampling of the dodgers and twins that found their way.

1993 donruss eric davis.

man, i had such high hopes for the outfield of davis, butler and strawberry.

2001 donruss adrian beltre. for a few years, we had a steady third baseman. those were the days.

2000 sp authentic kevin brown. meh.

1995 upper deck minors todd hollandsworth.
the 1996 nl roy is shown here with an albuquerque duke acquaintance. now they're the isotopes and once again the dodgers affiliate.

1996 pinnacle paul molitor.
i am a big molitor fan. glad he came home to finish his career.

1996 bowman's best kirby puckett.
looks like kirby was a believer in breathe-right strips. so was wayne gretzky and randy moss. i don't really think they did much, but whatever.

2008 topps allen & ginter national jackie robinson.
this is a card from the special set produced by topps for the national sports card convention, depicting famous events at yankee stadium. this is, of course, jackie's famous steal of home against the yankees in the 1955 world series. you know, the one that yogi still claims was an out?

great stuff, david. thank you! and merry christmas!

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