15 February 2009

i have no recollection, senator

i wasn't born in time to witness gil hodges' playing career, or even his managerial career. however, through reading about baseball and the dodgers in particular, i have come to understand and appreciate his performance in a baseball uniform - from slugging first baseman for the dodgers and expansion mets to triumphant manager of the 1969 miracle mets.

i did not realize until fairly recently, though, that gil hodges once managed the senators (the now texas rangers version). judging from his record, he was not able to change much of the truth behind the saying: 'first in war, first in peace, last in the american league.'

incidentally, i consider it a bit of a crime that his number is retired by the mets, but not the dodgers. hopefully, gil will be inducted into the hall of fame and the dodgers will then be able to retire number 14 for good.

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Dinged Corners said...

Point well made. Hodges was respected in NY as a hard-working good soul.