10 February 2009

forgettable, that's what you are...

bobby bonilla.he hit only .237 for the dodgers after joining them in the middle of the 1998 season. he was part of the piazza trade, so many dodger fans were already biased against him, but his performance in 72 games for the blue did nothing to win them/us over. his ops was only .665, and he made 12 errors in 124 chances at third base. thank goodness adrian beltre was ready in 1999.

here he is lurking behind ramon martinez, in no way ready for any action at third.
after the 1998 season, the dodgers traded bonilla back to the mets (where he had an even worse season) for mel rojas.

if it weren't for the fact that it was the piazza trade, i would have completely forgotten about bonilla's time in la. and i would have been just fine with that.

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night owl said...

Thinking of the Dodgers in the late 1990s just makes me sad.