05 February 2009

2009 upper deck 4 pack purchase - with a big boo-boo

i think out of 4 packs, i can make a composite pack to compete with dayf. here goes.

aw, let's just do half a composite pack.

matt kemp. aka the bison. aka my baseball salvation.
blake dewitt. please make me forget about jeff kent.juan pierre. as dayf might say - meh.jeff kent. meh meh. ken griffey jr. coupon insert thing. out of 4 packs, i think i got 4 of these. all the same.a colorful lastings milledge card.these next two were in the same pack and were in this order.barack and then maggie and ron. good times.

adam laroche. study it. there will be a quiz.inkredible adam laroche auto. except i'm pretty sure it's andy. free andy laroche from his brother's shadow, fer cryin' out loud!

this wouldn't have happened if they didn't use stickers. adam would have just given the cards to andy to sign, right?

anyway, 4 nice packs. good way to start things off.


Anonymous said...

That's an awesome Matt Kemp card!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and yes, that is Andy, and it's definitely not his signature!

night owl said...

Wha-wha-what? They messed up the autograph card? Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

Andy said...

Clearly different guys on the two cards...one #25 and one #15.