28 February 2009

let's turn two as we look to 2010

barry larkin's gig on the mlb network has me thinking about his hof candidacy. he is eligible in 2010. to me, he compares to alan trammell. a borderline case with a lot of people arguing from both sides.
larkin had 2300+ hits, was a perennial all star, won an mvp and a world series, and was a leader on the field. i just don't know if its enough. heck, i don't know what the writers consider enough anymore. for me, though, i never went to a game to see him play. he wasn't a draw for me the way brett, schmidt, rose, maddux, pedro, piazza, etc. were. if it's any consolation, barry, i much prefer you to harold on tv, though.


Andy said...

You couldn't have picked a better comp for Larkin than Trammell. Not only is Trammell the player most offensively similar to Larkin, but both have a HOF Monitor of 118.5 (likely HOFer is over 100) while having HOF batting standards well below average for a HOFer. They are both unusual cases that happen to be identical to each other.

Personally, I wouldn't put either guy in the HOF. I love both players, and they were both great. Both played for one team their entire career, which is great. But neither is quite good enough for the HOF. I think Larkin has a better chance of actually getting in than Trammell, and I give Barry a 30% chance of making it.

Andy said...

BTW I'm reading your blog just waiting for the post about the cards I sent you. :)

gcrl said...

andy - it's coming this week. i am woefully behind in my trade posting.