04 February 2009

2009 goose joak dodgers

simply because i have too much time on my hands, i asked dave over at goose joak if i could whip up some dodgers for his original set. here are the first few.

manny. i could have gone the safer route with a picture of him batting, but i am too intrigued to turn away from his red white and blue mouthpiece. i really wanted to use the picture of him high-fiving the fan during a red sox game last year, and then photoshop it into dodger stadium ala stadium club, but my photoshop skills are not at all advanced.

clayton kershaw. the horizontal card works well here. no pressure on this guy. not at all.

jeff kent.

this would be the final tribute. i wanted to use a picture i found of him all wet in the clubhouse after the dodgers clinched the west last year, but the resolution wasn't good enough.

a walk-off final tribute? we'll see if he signs anywhere. there just aren't enough nomar cards these days.

next up will be the kids - jeanson-martin, kemp, loney, etc.


Dave said...

Rock on, these are great!!

Dave said...

Manny sure is an interesting creature :)