15 October 2008

what would hee seop do?

apologies to lennon/mccartney...

when i find myself in times of trouble, hee seop choi comes to me, speaking words of wisdom, let it be. and in my hour of darkness he is standing right in front of me, speaking words of wisdom, let it be.

thanks hee seop. adios jeff kent. i don't blame you for striking out looking in your final at bat. it was a bad call. but you won't be missed. you'll be back chad - you'll get another shot. tim mccarver knows not of what he speaks, matt kemp. give it a ride everytime. to end, i was really bothered that fox synched the gibson homerun video to the radio broadcast audio. i would rather have heard vin scully's tv call than jack buck's radio call. i wonder if having joe buck in the booth was the reason for the swap. stupid fox.

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freeandylaroche said...

I love that Billingsley card.

And as much as I enjoyed Kent's no-nonsense attitude, that he turned into such a crotchety, old, get off my lawn caricature bums me out so much. I won't miss him either.