30 October 2008

there's a play at the plate, and it's perfection on cardboard

ok, so it's not a dodger. and it's not taken at dodger stadium. it's still perfect.
this is one of my favorite cards. 1991 topps carlton fisk. i did not buy any 1990 topps. the first year in 12 years that i didn't buy topps. i hated that set. didn't care for 1988 or 1989 at the time, so couldn't bring myself to buy 1990 - the third year in a row of bad design. when i saw the 1991 cards, though, i jumped back in with a fury. better design, better photos. this was baseball.

so here's hall of famer carlton fisk waiting for the ball while big daddy cecil fielder bears down. a dave bergman type in the background exhorting cecil to slide. perfection.


night owl said...

The Fisk card rocks. It's funny, when the 1991 Topps cards came out, they were panned by collectors magazines, and in a lot of ways, they were right. Those backs are archaic. But no one looked at the photos. 1991 Topps had some of the best photos that they've had in any year.

Wax Heaven said...

That card is absolutely awesome!

White Sox Cards said...

Definitely one of my favorite Fisk cards!

stusigpi said...

1991 was also the last of the cardboard. Have I mentioned how much I hate the white board stuff? 1991 also had that odd contest. In the middle of the pack there was this contest card. If it had a certain code on it, you one. They also inserted vintage cards. Maybe the first set to do this.

I bought boxes of this stuff. I was 15 and still thought that all of this would make me a millionaire. This is a display set if there ever was one.