15 October 2008

the impossible has happened! [part 3]

after leary, it was brian holton and then alejandro pena who came in and held the a's while the dodgers pecked away at the lead. singles by mike (general soreness) marshall, john t-bone shelby, and mike scioscia brought the score to 4-3. my dad and i weren’t going anywhere.
pretty soon, it was the bottom of the 9th. that meant eckersley. automatic. scioscia pops out, hamilton strikes out. davis walks. a glimmer of hope! when we recognized that it was gibson coming up, we lost it. everyone was thinking home run. at least i was. then came the foul balls. the stolen base. the full count. and then the home run. the pavilion was rocking. both my dad and i had our cameras out with the zoom lenses and were trying to take pictures. i saw the fist pumps through my view finder. as soon as gibson scored, i stopped taking pictures and looked around. people were hugging each other indiscriminately. laughing. cheering. crying. it was fantastic. 20 years ago today. i still don't believe what i just saw. the pictures didn't really turn out - i was shaking too much and the pavilion was bouncing, so they turned out blurry. that's ok though. i have the cards.

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night owl said...

Nice breakdown from someone who was there. Nice cards!