23 October 2008

trick or treat turns out to be treat!

thanks so much to tribecards aka indians baseball cards always for the fantastic box of treats. i had steeled myself to expect tricks - lots of giants cards featuring jack clark (that would have been a double trick) and gary lavelle, but all i got were treats. some really cool treats, too. here are just a few of them. we'll kick it off with italian american superstar slugger mike piazza and his 1996 pinnacle card. the strongest man in so-cal appears to be practicing for his pert shampoo commercial.
1995 pinnacle zenith antonio osuna. i have a soft spot for antonio. he used to wear a chain around his neck that had a license plate sized medallion on it. good times.

2000 stadium club devon white. devon is the kind of guy i forget played for the dodgers. i love this card because it shows the outfield wall mural, with gibby reaching for that backdoor slider, and it features the dodgers' alternate hats and jerseys. seriously. do the yankees wear alternate jerseys or hats? no. why mess with the classic look. i am glad the dodgers don't break this stuff out anymore.
1992 pinnacle tom candiotti. i'll have to try this grip out this weekend (if it doesn't snow). i typically grip the seams with two fingertips when i throw a knuckler. that's probably one reason why it rarely works.

2005 topps cesar izturis. a double play turn! the middle infield combo of izturis and alex cora. not as fond a memory for me as russell and lopes. speaking of which...

1984 topps bill russell. by this time, he was the last of the gcrl infield still with the team. who'da thunk it.

1977 topps dave(y) lopes league leader card. those are two ornery looking men.
thanks again david! look for some wahoo in the near future.


night owl said...

I got that Piazza card from Tribe Cards, too! I agree on the alternate unis. I hope they're lost forever.

--David said...

LOL, man, I was sure I slipped a trick or two into yours... heh-heh! Glad you enjoyed your cards!