09 October 2008

it's [currently] sunny in philadelphia

i had hoped to post this card as a lead-in to a dodgers/brewers series, but the brew crew didn't get it done. oh well, it's a 2008 upper deck ballpark quad swatch featuring prince fielder, ben sheets, matt kemp and james loney. enjoy it anyway.

now i know you aren't here for a playoff preview, so i won't go into any detail, but let's hope that manny knocks a foul ball back in the booth and takes out tim mccarver a la roy hobbs and robert duvall's character in the natural. other than that, i hope bowa doesn't get too much thrown at him tonight, and i hope davey gets a decent response from the dodger fans in game 3.

1 comment:

dayf said...

The player that takes out McCarver with a line drive will be my favorite player of all time.