30 October 2008

blogosphere participation, part three - thorzul will trade and you may win!

quite a while back, i worked out a small trade with thorzul will rule. i knew there was a reason i had kept some 1992 fleer ultra around. anyway, i sent a few cards from his want list, and he reciprocated with some 2007 topps i needed, plus these boys in blue.
2007 upper deck goudey nomar garciaparra. i have missed nomar’s cards in the topps issues as i mentioned here, so i tend to hoard his other dodger cards. nomah!
2007 upper deck goudey luis gonzalez. blech. here’s how i feel about luis. at least it doesn’t look like his presence (thanks ned) stunted the growth of matt kemp too much. or this next guy for that matter…
2007 topps allen & ginter andre ethier. acquired for the board game (milton bradley – for whom i will always be cheering) and the subject of one of my favorite FJM posts (ripping plaschke to high heaven), ethier is the third arizona state sundevil to play for the dodgers and wear number 16. free cards of all 3 and more to the first person to name the other two in the comments below.

bill, thanks again for the trade, and may thorzul’s reign be one of peace and prosperity.


night owl said...

I can only name one: Rick Monday. (Ron Perranoski wore No. 16 but he went to college in Michigan). But that's OK, you sent me a bunch of cards that will take me days to sift through.

PTBNL said...

Rick Monday and Paul Loduca.